Friday, January 6, 2012

Here goes nothing. . . .

So I deleted my previous post because I'm very self conscious about what people think and I suppose I just got scared. But my sis-in law-(a shout out to Colleen) has lovingly convinced me to put it back up.

Ya'll know I pole dance, I don't strip, I don't do it publicly; it's just for me to enjoy the movement and strength of my own body. I took lessons on and off for a couple years and now I'm mostly you-tubing it and there are some amazing pole bloggers out there as well, who I've learned much from-- a shout out to Aerial Amy- a very articulate blogger and beautiful pole dancer--little known fact many pole dancers were yes perhaps strippers at one time and then there are those of us who are working professionals during the day and pole dance at night for fun. . . .yes, it's fun, well at least I think it is.

I'm not at the competitive level, nor will I ever be due to my age(most competitive pole dancers are half my age) and I do not have a gymnast, ballet background, so I have to continue to work on flexibility and strength. And I had to overcome my worst fear, which is falling on my face and only falling(yes I'm a pole casualty-you tube pole dancing accidents-they're pretty brutal and I have to admit, hilarious) and getting back up has kind of cured me of that.

So here are a few poses. These are the poses I can hold; I'm working on some new ones, but didn't think it would be very pretty to have the crash pad underneath the shot.  (you have to excuse my amateur photography: fairly new camera, new tripod, and new user combined with a garage in the background(trying to convince the husband to convert my office into another pole space-but we're not there yet) don't make for the best photos,) but oh well here goes nothing and my instructor would point out that yes my toes are not pointed enough, another nemesis of mine.

idk, it's a fun pose.





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