Sunday, March 13, 2011

out with the old. . . .

So I changed my blog title; it was all new to me at first and I was just learning how it all works. My old title was too limiting and not at all, all encompassing of my many loves, I mean  baking is just one of many things I love, so in case anyone cares, here's my little spiel, not at all intended to persuade anyone well except maybe, myself.

These five firsts, all seemingly so unrelated yet are all things I so dearly love and rather not breathe as to live without them. They are all the one thing each that started my love of all things related, well except the man, (there's only one,) but it's interesting how very much they are intrinsically so carefully woven together by those I love.
My husband, well self-explanatory, he enables and supports me. . . . why I don't know.
The kitchen aid was one little or big appliance that inspired me to bake(a gift from my mum) and well the rest is history and I have no formal training, but it's a hobby that yields just rewards.
And the one dog, a tiny Pomeranian, who taught me the significance of all living creatures, great and small. She loves me unconditionally and in turn I've devoted myself to help and rescue those in need. She, along with the five more we've since taken in has opened my eyes to a whole new world of animal rights and advocacy for those who have no voice to speak for themselves.
I cannot express how much I love running which extends to pretty much any solitary exercise activity. When I was younger I enjoyed the physical changes in my body that was the result of hard training, but as I age I'm enjoying the beauty of my strength, whether it be through pole dancing or cardio endurance.
The literature class, just the one was not only the beginning of my career as an English teacher and the beginning and end of two English degrees but my love of language and how it enables us so many endless possibilities to communicate on various levels.
These are just a few, (well five) of my most favorite things, makes me feel like breaking out in song.


  1. I change my blog all the time. Latley it has been a little less (been going through quite a bit of stress with my family that has made me shut down on the blog front), but it never seems like it's perfect. I'll probably tweak it til the day I quit blogging. I liked the insight into your motivations - very inspiring! Although I have to say, you have more damn energy than anyone I'ver ever met!

  2. I heard about the fam., well kind of, through my mom, so sorry to hear=( We all have our familial issues and unfortunately we can't pick them, like we do our friends.